Bigger is better, say homeowners and renters who are working from home

Being homebound has led many homeowners and renters — especially those who are working from home — to the same conclusion: They want more space.

A new survey conducted buy real estate blog Commercial Café asked 4,384 individuals who have been working from home about their living situations, their professional setup at home, their must-haves for an in-house office and what (if any) plans they had for a work area within their living space going forward.

Among the findings, nearly 60% of respondents said they were planning to either rent a larger apartment or buy a home that could incorporate a home office.

According to Compass Agent Michael Shapot, it’s not just more space clients are looking for — it’s more of the right space.

“Smaller, more segregated spaces are in demand so everyone can have their own space to work, learn, relax or otherwise live with minimal disturbances,” he said in the report. “The popular open concept model conflicts with families that now have multiple people working from home, children attending school via Zoom, other family member who may want to want TV or use the phone, etc.”

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