Agreement Signed: ‘Iconic’ 80-Story Brickell Avenue Tower Moves Forward

Brickell Avenue’s First Miami Presbyterian Church has signed an agreement with a developer on a deal that could lead to one of Miami’s tallest buildings being built.

The leader of the church has previously said the new tower would be “iconic.”

According to a memorandum recorded with Miami-Dade’s Clerk of Court on March 2, the terms of the agreement include:

  • the developer’s right to acquire the property
  • the developer’s obligation to construct the project on the property in accordance with the terms of the agreement
  • the developer’s obligation to convey the new church improvements to the church after substantial completion

The full terms of the agreement were not made public. Only a memo confirming the existence of the agreement was recorded.

The developing entity is listed as 13K-BP Brickell Owner LLC. The authorized signator for the developer on the memo is Arnaud Karsenti.

13th Floor and Key International have been previously reported as being the developers.

Reports have said the main church building will be preserved, with the development being built at the rear of the property on land currently used for a parking lot and school building.

The reports also said that the new tower would be 80 stories, is being designed by Sieger Suarez, and that the deal could have a value of $240 million to the church.